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Need rock clearing service? Tree removal? The fully insured arborists at Oakes Tree Service serve Rochester and the Finger Lakes, NY areas!

Jeffery Miner
June 2016

 Fair price, safe practices, quick turnaround, and high quality work. The team showed up on time, put down yard and fence protection to keep our property from being damaged, and cleaned up the work area when finished.  I would definitely hire them again and would recommend them to anyone. We had 9 ash trees (which were dead and a safety hazard to our house) removed and they were able to do the work in less than half a day's time.

Scott Nicodemus

June 2016

 They are great although it was my sister’s house in Braddock bay. I watched this 3-man crew bust their butts in a completely professional manner. They kept their mess clean at all times. Very friendly and courteous too.  I HIGHLY recommend them.

Mike Mathewson
May 2016

Oakes Tree Service had the best price and the job was done very professionally.  They were done before some companies could even get me an estimate. I would highly recommend them.



Created on 06/05/12

Oakes Tree Service was here for the day today. Removed many trees in our back yard. Phenomenal job! Professional, knowledgeable, courteous crew. Clean-up was amazing. We highly recommend this company! Thanks Mike and Marshall. Linda and Rich D Ettore


Created on 03/30/12
Had Oakes come out to remove two Box Elder trees in my front yard. They gave me a great price, which included the removal of 5 years' worth of mulch, dirt, and stones. Now my lawn is ready for new grass seed. The yard is cleaned up to the point it does not even look like they were here. Don't hesitate to use Oakes Tree Service!

Tong Zheng

Created on 03/28/12
Great job! Very honest, straightforward, and responsible. A pleasure to work with. We had a couple of trees and a heavy limb over the house removed, a fairly tricky job. The whole crew was very professional and efficient from start to finish. They even blew the sawdust off the street outside, not to mention the roof and driveway. We'd go back to them in a heartbeat!

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We are thrilled with the job Oakes did on our trees. They ook down a line of about eight trees (one of which was upended), plus two others and trimmed a maple tree. Their price was competitive (slightly higher but well worth it). The trees were taken down safely in a tight area with precision and speed. They used saws, trimmers, ropes, and also a huge stump grinder, a tractor with two attachments--a fork lift & a bucket. They also used shovels, rakes and a leaf blower. The time and effort they used in finishing the yard was amazing. The area shoveled by machine and hand, raked, and smoothed. They even advised us on how to treat the soil and how many yards of top soil to add before seeding. The crew was proud of their excellent job, friendly and caring. It was a superior job.

- Sheila on 06/05/2017

A huge tree fell on one of my rental properties during the wind storm of '17. It was the biggest tree the Allstate agent had ever seen on a house (and the garage), and the removal was tricky. I got a couple quotes and Oakes was the lowest by far. Then the insurance company required the quote to be broken down into components and I had to leave town before coordinating everything, so Oakes worked with my insurance agent while I was on vacation and the job was done asap when I got back. They even waited for payment until I got my insurance money. And the yard looks great!

- Caroline Samuel on 05/01/2017

We lost a LOT of mature pine and maple trees due to the 2017 windstorm. We got two estimates, and Oakes was not only less expensive but came with the recommendations of neighbors who had used them. The crew worked in pouring rain and mud safely and carefully removing damaged and threatening trees. The crew was pleasant to work with and were very good at cleaning up.

- Rick Garvia on 04/05/2017

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